Cacio e Pepe

In the early 70s a famous Italian chef, starts his trip to Greece. During a cruise he arrives in Mykonos, he gets thrilled by the Greek islands and the Greek light and opens restaurants on the cosmopolitan island and in Psyri in Athens. Santorini, however, becomes his last stop, the final destination of a journey full of experiences and challenges.
On the magnificent island of Santorini he meets Niko Topuzi, a real connoisseur of authentic Italian pizza with huge experience! Together they envision a partnership and the creation of a unique Italian restaurant.
Their dream comes true and Cacio e Pepe opens on one of the main streets of Fira. The authentic Italian cuisine and impeccable service make it a hot spot with fanatic customers, not only travelers, but also the residents of Santorini.

The Cacio e Pepe is an Italian restaurant, based on original recipes of traditional Italian cuisine. The menu includes a wide variety of dishes with fresh pasta, meat, chicken, seafood and of course delicious handmade pizzas.

What makes the Cacio e Pepe so special is that for the preparation of dishes only fresh ingredients of Italian origin and high quality are used, and the fact that everything starts to get prepared immediately after the customer’s order! Your culinary journey begins with hand-made foccacia, fragrant garlic bread, delicious bruschetta with tomato and mozzarella appetizers including authentic Italian sausage, like Parma ham with melon, smoked beef with parmesan and many more. The main courses, the experienced chef prepares, meet every taste. The lovers of seafood will enjoy unique salads with lobster, octopus, shrimp, marinated mussels and smoked salmon, while those who prefer meat will taste unique dishes like filet mignon with mushrooms and truffle or scallops.

Those who love pizza will enjoy the handmade doughs of Cacio e Pepe, which are combined with fresh tomato sauce and top quality cheeses and sausages from Rome, ending in hearty and delicious meals.Huge is the variety of pasta that one can enjoy on Cacio e Pepe, from the classic spaghetti to tagliatelle, gnocchi, lasagna, tortelonia, ravioli and risotto. All prepared according to traditional recipes of the neighboring country and accompanied with seafood, such as mussels, clams, shrimp, crab, lobster and tuna, or alternatively with cheese, hot pepper, chicken and delicious sauces. Lunch or dinner will end with authentic Italian panacotta, tiramisu or amazing homemade cakes with chocolate and whipped cream. The ice cream couldn’t miss from the deserts of Cacio e Pepe. Enjoy coffee with amaretto liqueur or even with whiskey!

The friendly restaurant staff will inform you over the updated wine list that suits your meal best, completing your dining experience at Cacio e Pepe. When first quality materials from Italy arrive in the kitchen of talented chef Altin Topuzi and are combined with the mastery and faith to authentic traditional recipes, the result that reaches your plate is incomparably unique! The hall of Cacio e Pepe is ideal for romantic or business dinners, as well as social events. The beautiful interior of the restaurant can comfortably accommodate 70 people; the balcony can accommodate extra 40. Contact us for more information and to organize together your event.

Chef Altin Topuzi proposes two unique dishes of Cacio e Pepe

• The Ravioli Tartufo, made with fresh dough and stuffed with spinach and Italian ricotta cheese and served in a pan with lovely truffle sauce.
• The Cacio e Pepe Spaghetti which is only to be found here.

Based on authentic Italian recipes and prepared with fresh ingredients arriving from Rome, the refined dishes of Cacio e Pepe will please any palate.


Our Chefs

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Our Mission

Goals & Vision

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The cellar

The owner of Cacio e Pepe, Niko Topuzi, has special love and care for wine, which is why he created a rich cellar of unique Italian labels that can accompany the restaurant's dishes. Every year he enriches the cellar through his journeys in the mainland of Italy, offering new surprises for fans of Cacio e Pepe.